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The Glue-up

posted Apr 20, 2010, 2:59 AM by Kevin Fodor
Finally, time to stop making pieces and actually a chance to begin some assembly and glue up. The first panel I glued-up was a little tricky. Those space balls all around the panel's perimeter kind of makes it a bit 'spongy' so there is some back pressure felt when clamping the sides and panel together. But with enough coordination and tight squeezing in the clamps it did come together nicely.
I clamped each panel along each of the 3 stiles and also help the ends together with a few bar clamps. After a few hours the panels were dry. Finally it is starting to look like a real project!
Here is a shot of the glued-up panel resting on my bench waiting for it to dry. As you can see the clamping is a bit complicated.
Here is one of the panels finished and dry while the other panel is waiting to dry.