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Not so fast...

posted May 8, 2010, 9:30 PM by Kevin Fodor
OK. So I attended an extra session since I am soon to run out of class time finishing the project. During this session I basically spent most of my time gluing up the face frame onto the bookcase's carcass. This took a surprisingly long period time. It proved to be quite difficult to clamp and glue all that edging to the face of the bookcase. I need to be careful clamping because I didn't want to mar the surface or get an excessive amount of glue on the bookcase itself which would later need to be sanded. Once the face frame was glued and clamped, there really wasn't much time for anything else. So I made sure the pieces I needed for drawers were cut to size and also took some measurements of the drawer openings so I could make sure the drawers were built to actual size. So for home work I brought the drawer pieces home to at least cut the front of each drawer's locking rabbets. The remaining 1/8" slots can be cut later during the next class session.