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Edge Trim and Beading

posted Apr 29, 2010, 12:24 PM by Kevin Fodor
Last night was pretty productive even though the entire process is moving much slower than I expected (gee go figure!). I was able to finish cutting the dividers to size and actually for the first time dry-assembled the bookcase. It was kind of gratifying to see it at least clamped all together. This thing might actually come together after all.
I spent most of my time cutting and trimming various small 1/2" x 1" edge trim pieces to face-frame the bookcase. At home I was able to use the 1/4" bead bit I have to route the edges of the stiles and edging. The beaded edging is what really gives this project the "wow!" factor. I am really impressed with how much a simple beading can really add to a project. I think I will probably find someway to use this bit in the future on other projects as well.