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posted May 12, 2010, 7:53 AM by Kevin Fodor
Wow! Making drawers can be a real pain. Even having the drawer front, backs and sides cut to size there was still a lot to do. I decided to go ahead with the locking rabbet joint suggested by the author of the article. I figured it was a good opportunity to get some experience with another type of joinery so what the heck. I pretty much proceeded as the author suggests. I used a dado blade to cut the rabbet for the front piece and used the regular table saw blade to cut the groves for the back piece as well as the drawer bottoms. I dry fitted all the pieces and everything seems to fit nicely. The drawers even actually fit inside the bookcase shelves! Go figure. All that remains now is to cut the drawer bottoms to size and then glue and clamp the drawers. Finally I need to pick out some drawer knobs for the front and then aside from some light sanding...I just might be done!
Well, applying a finish is after that but I still haven't decided what kind of stain or finish I am going to use.
This photo shows the front drawer rabbet which was cut using the dado blade on the table saw.