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Drawer Cutting and Assembly

posted May 6, 2010, 12:14 PM by Kevin Fodor
This class session I was able to cut the boards (I cut them over sized) for the drawers side, back and front pieces. I also rough cut some 1/4" oak ply-wood for the bottom pieces as well. But before I was able to cut the locked rabbets and cut the boards to their final size I needed a better idea of how big these drawers needed to be exactly. As it turns out the space I have for the bottom drawers is slightly smaller than in the plans.
So at this point the best thing to do was to start assembling the bookcase carcass. I began by sanding the pieces first with 150-grit paper. If anything just to minimize the amount of sanding I'll later need to do with it fully assembled. I glued and clamped the 3 fixed dividers and added a support piece for the top just to keep the side panels separated uniformly throughout. All clamped up I then attached the top frame and panel to make sure everything stays in alignment and square. Once that was done it was left off to dry till the next session.
Next time I hope to finish applying as much of the edging and face framing I can, let that dry and then while that is happening finally cut the locking rabbets for the drawer pieces and cutting the drawers to size.