A Chunk of Wood

posted Mar 12, 2010, 8:46 PM by Kevin Fodor
So I started this project with a trip to my local Woodcraft store to find some wood suitable to use. The article's author explains how he likes the continuous grain look. I like it too and thought I might experiment with it as well. These boxes could be built without that look (which would make it easier) but I decided to try. To accomplish this you need to start with a block of wood which you can resaw.
The article suggests starting with a piece of wood which is at least 16-inches long and 1-1/8" thick. I was unable to find this size at Woodcraft so instead I chose a piece of 2" (t) x 20" (l) x 10" (w) Hard Maple.  I like the look of Maple and thought it would look nice for this project. Interestingly with a chunk that is 2" thick and just over 10" wide I could rip it in half and resaw it.  By doing so I could actually get six 3/8" x 5" boards from it. Six boards (each board containing two box sides) would yield 3 boxes. I figured this would be a good idea in case I mess up one or two I still might end up with something useful.
For the top I chose a very nice looking piece of 1/2" thick Padauk. I have never heard of or seen this type of wood before, but it looks great. It has a dark rich look and thought this might be nice for the top. I bought enough for 3 box tops. For the bottom, I think I am going to use some scrap 3/16" oak plywood I have in my garage. Might as well since nobody will really see the bottom anyway. So nothing too exciting going on there.
So there it is, a bunch of wood of varying types to start the project with.
This is the piece of "Hard" Maple I used. As you can see this is just a big hunk of rough sawn wood.
This is the piece of Padauk I used. It is a much cleaner nicely sawn piece of wood ready to be cut into box tops.