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uArm Controller

I finished my uArm build a few months ago and really like how it works. However I was a little disappointed in the Mouse Control application that uArm provides. Personally I just didn't find using a mouse to control the uArm that intuitive. I understand though that uFactory is primarily focused on the hardware and mechanical aspects and the control application was simply there to get people started.

I had always thought a joystick made a much better input device. So I spent some time over the past few months to put together a VB.Net based uArm Controller application which accepts joystick input using the SlimDX APIs. I finally got the application to a point where I think it is somewhat useful so I am posting it out to the community on google code. You can find the source and executable at https://github.com/kevinfodor/uarm-controller

Hopefully some of you will find it interesting and useful.  It also supports keyboard movements and mouse control via a set of trimmers (sliders). So even if you don't have a joystick it is still usable.

Also I started adding a logging feature which stores movements to a log which can be saved off to a .CSV file which any spreadsheet or text editor can read. Might be the starting framework for some type of playback mechanism which might be fun to experiment with.