Taking some...Giving some...

posted Oct 3, 2009, 3:28 PM by Kevin Fodor   [ updated Oct 3, 2009, 3:42 PM ]
October 3, 2009
Ok. So I had a chance to go through the Box Code: Oakland and decided to take a few things.
What I Took...
First off, I am kind of a "motor junkie" so anytime somebody sends a box with some junk motors I am likely to take them. This is particularly true since I am trying to restart my H-Bridge circuit design for various PWM motor controllers. Its good to be able to have a lot of different motors on hand to try out some techniques. So yeah...I took 'em. Looks like there were a could of 12V'ers and a few small hobby motors which had decent plastic gear boxes. I was thinking about making some small motorized toys for my son so these might come in handy. I also discovered a small stepper. No big deal just a 7.5-deg job but might be fun none-the-less.
I also found some nifty joystick-like potentiometers which might be kind of fun to play with. They have X-Y axis output as well as a push button. Lastly I took some small wire-wrap pieces...cuz ya always need some wire-wrap!
What I put in...
Anyway, not to be greedy I also added some things. Most of the things I added are in the photo on the right (but not all). Might be some surprises too. Anyway that box is now jam-packed. With flat-rate postage I think the USPS is gonna loose some money on that one. Hopefully someone will find the contents useful.
The Saga continues...
So it's ready to go and I am currently looking for a recipient. Then hopefully another will arrive on my doorstep again.
The above photo is of some items I took from the box
The above photo is of some of the items I added to the box.