Received Box Code: Gray-M

posted Dec 1, 2009, 1:58 PM by Kevin Fodor   [ updated Dec 1, 2009, 2:57 PM ]
Very cool! A few weeks back I received a new TGIMBOEJ Box Code Gray-M from  Bob in OR. It was quite a heavy and jam-packed box full of cool stuff. It had some pretty interesting items. However I felt I needed to get realistic and really only take what I thought I could realistically use in in the short term. Ya know how it goes...too many projects, too little time.
This is a photo of how the box arrived.
Anyway I found some rather interesting and useful items so I took the following;
  • An 8-position manual counter which I thought might be a fun project to add it as a way to enter data into some small microcontroller in an archaic and fun sort of way.
  • Test Leads! Always need a spare set of test leads.
  • Small Axial Red LEDs. Will come useful in some railroad grade crossing signal projects I have waiting.
  • A bunch of miscellaneous LEDs which look like 10mm and 3mm varieties.
  • A bunch of 7-segment LED displays
  • A speaker
  • Awesome bunch of Molex header connectors
  • A pair of constant current LED drivers (18) 
Here is a photo of what I took out.
I have been accumulating more unneeded electronics junk and added it into the box. Now I will be looking for the next recipient. We'll keep you posted.