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Texas Instruments DM355-EVM Daughter Board

September, 2009
This is a daughterboard I made for the TI-DM355-EVM Development System. The board pictured on the left is a Rev-A.0 board. The current version is Rev-A.1 with a slight modification to DC3 based on an error in the TI-EVM Technical Manual which denoted pin 30 on DC3 to be 5V when it is actually 1.8V. This has been corrected in Rev-A.1. Other than that it is basically the same board.
Note the funny thing about this board is that in order to get to the UART2 pins, you need to connect to J12 via a delicate FFC cable like that supplied by Molex. Also using this port precludes you from using the second SD/MMC card slot on the EVM.

Links / Downloads
Click on the hyperlinks below to download schematics, PDFs and EagleCad project files. You can also use the Mouser and BatchPCB links to order your own parts and boards if you like.
Schematics: .pdf, EagleCad(.sch)
PCB Layout: EagleCad(.brd), Assembly Guide (.pdf)
Gerbers (.zip)
Mouser EZ-Buy Project (Parts)
BatchPCB Order Link (PCB)

EagleCad 3-D Images (rev-A.1)
Click on images above for larger versions.