What am I doing here?

I hate posting, blogging, twittin' and all that kind of stuff...actually I've never done it till now. But I do love to build stuff, all kinds of stuff. Mostly electronics or woodworking projects but I just love building things. Sometimes I feel I am obsessed, spending all those late nights in the basement or garage. For years I have rummaged through all kinds of posts, blogs, news groups and forums to find out more about the things I was building...or wanted to build. I am very appreciative of all the time and effort others have taken to post so much information on so many things.

So now I have finally decided I should return the favor and put my saw away or soldering iron down every now and again and post somethings of my own. Who knows what it will be...things I've learned, schematics, project photos, techniques, how-to's, etc. Who knows maybe this stuff might just help someone out?

So here it goes. As I said, I hate doing this kind of stuff, it's boring and distracts me from my latest projects...but I feel I owe it to everyone. Hopefully this stuff is of use to someone. If not...just keep clickin'